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Counselor Biography - Jennifer Canfield

Jennifer Canfield, SMS Counselor


I want to welcome each student to Scenic Middle School! My hope is for the most successful school year. Please let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and the services and support offered to students and their families through the school counseling office.

My name is Jennifer Canfield and this is my seventh year as the school counselor at Scenic Middle School. I have a Masters in Counseling from Oregon State University and a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Northern Arizona University. I hold licenses in K-12 School Counseling and Professional Teaching through the Oregon Teachers Standards and Practices Commission. Prior to moving into the role of school counselor, I was a middle school Language Arts teacher for 12 years, most recently teaching at Scenic MS from 2013-2017. With this knowledge, training and experience, I understand that each student’s success in middle school looks very different for each individual, and with support and advocacy, students have the opportunity to grow academically, socially and emotionally during some of the most challenging adolescent years. It is my mission to help support every student in setting goals, develop motivation for desired change and find solutions in reaching their most successful self.

As a school counselor, it is my mission to support all students, especially those who are marginalized and facing greater challenges in our school and community. I am committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming, and safe space for all students to be seen and heard. My goal is to support the unique needs of each student with consideration of not only possible educational challenges, but family, social and community challenges as well. As a school counselor, it is my privilege to create a school where all students belong and have access to the education they deserve.