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Mission & Vision


Scenic Middle School is a safe, positive, and engaging learning environment where staff, students, and parents work together to support and inspire students to become well-rounded and successful life-long learners. 


Our mission is to provide a safe, respectful, and highly engaging learning environment in which all students are appropriately challenged while receiving an equally high level of support and encouragement.  By fostering a “Growth Mindset” we believe all students will successfully work toward meeting their full academic and social potential, and be well prepared for high school and beyond.

Core Values

Character: In D6, we believe character is nurturing the intrinsic fortitude to be your best you.

Relationships: In D6, we believe healthy relationships are based in a connected community whose members share common experiences. Individuals in different groups recognize each other’s value to the greater good and communicate that with appreciation and empathy. Efforts are made to maintain approachability, listening with attempts to understand and commitment to the wellbeing of the whole.

Achievement: In D6, we believe achievement is accomplished through great effort, courage and skill by providing rich inquiry, meaningful work, opportunities for critical thinking, and outlets for creativity. With input and support from our community, families and schools, we strive to reach and exceed our individual and collective established goals.

Safety: In D6, we believe our students, staff, and community should feel free from physical, emotional, social, and or mental, harm or danger. We strive to create consistent, predictable, and secure environments where people can be themselves and thrive.

Equity: In D6, we believe in the qualities of being, just, fair and impartial by removing barriers and providing accessibility.

Innovation: In D6, we believe innovation addresses the challenges of a complex world in new and different ways to meet the needs of our students, staff, families and community. Innovation requires a commitment to adaptability, curiosity, creativity, risk-taking, critical thinking and the pursuit of excellence.