Scenic Middle School

2020-21 Supply List

School supplies will still be needed whether we are practicing distance learning or are on campus. Please have the supplies on the list available throughout the year. Students on campus will need to bring necessary supplies to school as needed for their classes on that day. Classrooms will not be sharing “community” school supplies; we are encouraging students to be prepared with their own supplies.

The Scenic Better Binder

The below binder with supplies is required for all students because we teach the same system of organization, and study practices in every grade across the entire school

Large 3 ring binder (minimum 3 inch) Colored markers
Black, blue, and red pens Protractor
#2 Pencils-3 dozen for the year 12 Inch ruler-metric/inches
12 Pack colored pencils Scissors
1 Black ultra-fine tip permanent marker 1 Pack 3 inch sticky Post-Its
2 Glue sticks Notebook paper (200 sheets)
Eraser or pencil-top erasers 3 Hole supply pouch
Low-odor dry erase markers-4 colors Tabbed subject dividers X 6
Handheld pencil sharpener Highlighters-4 colors


Additional supplies by grade/team:

7th Grade: TI-301X IIS calculator, 100 page spiral notebookAdditional supplies by grade/team:

8th Grade: TI-301X IIS calculator, 100 page spiral notebook, 200 page spiral notebook

Please note: These are the recommended supplies; specific teachers or teams may request additional items as needs arise.

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